Friday, August 2, 2013

One down, One to go! Step Down update # (I lost track)

Yeah big day.. Colin got 1 of his 2 chest tubes removed!!! One step closer to going home. Once the  other stops draining, it will be pulled, and we can go home about a day or two later! Though it was a successful day, it was a LONG day. Since they had to fit him into the surgery schedule, they did not let him eat or drink but a few ounces of apple juice for the WHOLE day!

Colin did really well considering the circumstances, he did have a few screaming fits about wanting to drink water. "Mommy, please just give me some water, I am so thirsty." I am very thankful for the grandparents being here, they were great distractions! So they took out the left chest tube and added a few stitches into the right just to make sure it stays secure. They also gave him a dose of antibiotics since the left one was a little irritated just to make sure.

Now that his fluid tested positive for chylous effusion, he is now on his FULLY FAT FREE diet. The dietitian came and spoke with us today. It is not impossible but will be somewhat of a challenge. We will just have to be creative. The hard thing to realize is no chicken or pork (which he loves). Colin eats and loves chicken but chicken has some fat to it, so it's a no go. He can have no fat lunch meat and hot dogs. There is a way to make no fat spaghetti and they do have fat free cheese, tortillas, and refried beans. After getting his tube out, he had his first completely fat free meal.. turkey, cheese, yogurt, grapes, and peaches.

The doctors said now that they know he has chylous and is on the fat free diet, the fluid should really start to clear up and stop draining and then we can GO HOME!!!
They put this sign on the door since Colin was so agitated about not getting to eat or  drink and it was supposed to stop his food from being delivered, but guess that lady could not read
Colin gave up on crying about food and drink and decided to take a nap
Colin right after getting his tube out, he did amazing!
Colin enjoying his fat free diet


Lucas Moore said...
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Lucas Moore said...

I feel so bad!!It is really very hard to feel how she feel. God bless her.

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