Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Colin's Surgery Date Change and some pics

What are You Looking at?
YUM, this taste sooo good.

MOM..MOM... take me here.

Colin's surgery has been moved up one day to Monday September 14, which I like better than Tuesday. So we check in the hospital Sunday late afternoon.
Colin is doing well. His weight gain has not been up to what they want, depending on his weight gain this week, he might need to go up on his calorie count. But other than that, he is as happy and progressing nicely.
Colin has started teething, which I hoped wouldn't happen until after his next surgery. So he is chewing and gumming on EVERYTHING!
He is a very happy baby who LOVES his sister so much!


Brenda said...

Enjoying reading about the Erying family and seeing the progress that Colin is making. What a beautiful family you have!

balletshoes14 said...

aww-he is precious!! cannot wait to meet him! yes to some girls time!!

Autumn Castillo said...


He is getting so big! I absolutely love his beautiful smile! We will be praying for his surgery.

We love you,
Autumn, Alejandro and Aiden