Monday, August 31, 2009

Chuck-E-Cheese and the rest of the weekend

Katherine driving Chuck-E around
Riding a horse

Coming down to slide

Driving the Monster Truck, if you look up, you can see the tunnels on the ceiling

Colin in the exercauser.. standing on a phone book.. just a little too short

They are so cute together!

Katherine went to a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese on Saturday. Yes.. Katherine has a very active social life. She had lots of fun of course. Though her attention span on the games was low, she would start one then run off to want to play another one... needless to say, Matt and I chased her around for 2 hours. The girls really loved the play area that you climbed up and had tunnels on the ceiling, they ran around that forever it seemed like.
Katherine danced with Chuck-E and had cake.. well just the icing as always.
As soon as we got in the car, she passed out for 3 hrs! We had to make her wake up at 7 pm!
We missed the 2nd party we were suppose to go to that night at 6pm.. Sorry Jill!!

Colin's weight gain got better the past week and they decided not to increase his calories. Though we had a rough weekend with his acid reflux.. he still gained weight this weekend, but he spit up a lot each day. I talked to his nurse practitioner this morning and they are going to talk about increasing his reflux medicine once again.

Colin has started not liking his infant cradle seat.. he wants to sit up and not recline. He still loves his play mat.. but now his number one toy is the exercauser. It is the one Katherine had when she was a baby.. she would spend HOURS in that thing! We put Colin in it on Saturday and he had fun, and Katherine played with him in it.. I think she might have been having MORE fun than him.

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