Monday, August 17, 2009

Outing to the Beach

Saturday Matt had to work. Matt's mom came over and watched Colin while Katherine, me, Russell, and Lara headed down to Galveston to go to the beach for a little while. Katherine loves the water and sand. We got there early and stayed a couple of hours before it got too hot.
It was a beautiful day and it was great to get out and enjoy the sun and fresh air. I needed that a lot!

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Daniel said...

Hi Jennifer!

I followed you here from the MomHouston Kid Picture Contest, as I had seen the same baby picture with 3 different names in the contest and wondered what was up... Jon Jon, Nate Nate and Colin...all with stories of Heart Surgery. My son is in the contest and I thought someone was trying to get an unfair advantage for the contest. I now realize how petty and small I was being. I have caught up on your blog and I am amazed at your resolve. Your family reminds me so much of mine, except that we have not had the extra burden of watching one of our three children affected by such an unfair condition as Colin has. I came here to make sure the entries were on the up and up, as some people get very competitive in these things, and found a very heart warming story. I'm glad to read that Colin is doing well and very sad to hear of Haileys passing. She was a beautiful baby girl and I couldn't imagine ever losing a really broke my heart to read her blog...and I realized that I am just happy my son was picked for the Best of 2009 (only 45 picked out of thousands! That's cool!). We have never submitted his pics for anything so this is kinda cool to see in the Chron! :)

Just wanted to drop you a line to say that Colin will be getting a vote from my Wife and I, too. :)

~ Dan