Monday, August 10, 2009

No matter who's birthday it really is.. it's Katherine's

Friday morning, Colin went for his 4 month check up and shots. The doctors office weighed him in at 12lbs 9 oz (but with a onsie one, so about 12lbs 6 oz). Which is more than the scale we have at home, I think we will go with the doctors scale. He is still behind other babies his age, but he is slowly catching up.
Friday evening everyone came over for Lara's birthday, well Russell and Lara came over, mom and dad were already there from watching Colin all day. Katherine was very excited about Lara's birthday since they were coming over, but she was REALLY excited about candles, cake, and ice cream. Katherine helped Lara blow out the candles and lick the icing off them.
Saturday we played around the house. I tried to get Katherine to go to the splash park, but she decided it was too hot and she wanted to read books instead.. WHO's child is this, because it isn't mine! Matt, Katherine, and Seger took a nice long nap. Saturday evening Matt's mom and Morgan came over to watch the kids while we went to a baseball game with Brian and Robin. We had fun, the Astro's did not do so well that night. But we got ballpark nachos and yard margaritas, so who cares.
Sunday we were planning on going to the pool, but kept sprinkling on and off, so we never made it. Colin had a bad feeding day with his reflux, I think me and him went through a record number of outfits! I was looking forward to the pool, maybe next weekend.

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