Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Single Ventricle Clinic, MRI, & turning 4 months old

Waiting for the Cardiologist at the Single Ventricle Clinic
Waiting for his MRI

The past week has been busy for Colin.

Friday July 31 : Colin went to see his cardiac team at the Single Ventricle clinic. Chest x-ray looked good, no change from last time, which is a good sign. Colin's reflux has been causing him some issues with eating, though he is still gaining weight. They suggested that we switch to Good Start formula. The cardiologist is very happy with his weight gain and told us to power through the reflux since he is doing so well. If he wasn't gaining the right amount, they would have to be more aggressive about it, she stressed that most kids grow out of it between 6-8 months and to hang in there until then. Colin went home with a heart monitor to record his heartbeat for 24 hours. This was just another step towards the next surgery.

Monday August 3: Turning 4 months old and having an MRI!
MRI - This is the final step before the next surgery. Colin had to be sedated so they can get a really good look at how his heart is functioning before the next surgery. It was hard because he could not eat anything past 1:00am and his MRI wasn't until 9:30am. I had a VERY angry baby that noticed he did not get TWO bottles. The cardiologist that watched his MRI said on the surface everything looked really good, but they would know more once the Single Ventricle team met on it this Thursday. After that they take their recommendations to the surgical team (which meets on Mondays). The surgical team will then decided when his next surgery will be (should be about beginning of September. ) He said we should know more when Colin goes to his next clinic visit on August 14.
Turning 4 months old - Poor kid celebrated it having an MRI. Colin is right at 12 lbs! He came home at 8 pounds, so he is gaining weight!
- He can stand on his legs for about a minute at a time
- Laughs really loud
- Puts everything in his mouth, including his toes!
- Blows bubbles
- Can roll to side to side and ALMOST rolls to tummy.
- Sits well in his purple Bumbo
- Smacks his lips when he is ready to eat.
- He is getting his shots this Friday - What fun!
On the developmental charts, he is right on track at this point.

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ricknhouston said...

Congrats! ... and keep fighting the "good fight". We're all thrilled that he is doing so well and have every confidence in those who are managing the situation, including Mom, Dad and Big Sister. This will all be over soon, in the big scope of things. Then all you'll have to worry about is him asking for the keys to the car, introducing you to his first love, prom, graduation, college .... all of those "regular things" .. and the rest of this will be just one big blur in time! Just watch, you'll see!