Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just One of THOSE Days

Yesterday was just one of those days I wish I could erase. It started with Katherine getting up at 4:00am thinking it was time to get up and watch some cartoons. I made her lay back down and got her to go back to sleep. Matt fed Colin at 4:30am, then was off to work. While I was getting the kids ready, Colin spit up all in the bed. At this time I just thought it was strange that he would have reflux issue, he hasn't had one in so long. Colin was very clingy all morning, which just isn't like him.

Running a little late since I had to change our sheets and scrub the mattress. On our two minute ride to school, Colin threw up all over himself, I say throw up because this is NOT reflux, this is something else! So we get inside, and I have to change him again and scrub down the car seat. So now really running late!
I get outside my parking garage for work and come within an inch of getting side swiped, my horn was the only thing stopping them from hitting me!
So trying to catch up from our crazy morning and my cell phone rings at lunch, Colin now has a fever of 101, so I leave to go get him.

When I pick him up he is BURNING up. We get home, he is screaming, the dog is barking, the alarm is chiming to be turned off, so I got to turn off the alarm and in all the madness, I punch in the wrong code TWICE. It now locks me out for a few minutes, now the alarm is not just chiming but fully going off, making Colin scream worse! After 2 minutes, I punch in the right code and it turns off
I get Colin calmed down, he drinks his bottle, then the POLICE come! They came to check on why the alarm went off.

Colin sleeps for a bit, but is fussy most the afternoon. Fever gets up to 102 and he does not want to be put down! I hook him up to his pulse ox monitor just to make sure, his sats are usually high 80's to low 90's , they were at high 70's, pretty low for him. But his heart rate was up. So when Matt gets in, we call Texas Children's. They said not to be concerned unless sats stay at low 70's.
Few hours later, sats were up, but heart rate being so high bothered me, so I called back to cardiology. They said it can be common with fever for the heart rate to be higher, but we need to make sure it's the fever elevating it and not that he has been off his beta-blocker which helps slow down heart beats.

Colin refuses night time bottle, then throws up on both of us, so off to Shower # 2 of the night for both of us! Colin fever back down to 101 when we go to bed at 10:00pm. Midnight Colin wakes up very uncomfortable, still have fever, then starts dry heaving.

He woke up at 2am and had 4 ounces of his bottle, then threw up about an ounce on me, luckily just on my foot, so my foot gets a bath.
While Colin was crying, Katherine woke up, and she woke up wanting to play. After an hour Matt got her to lay back down, but he forgot to shut her door all the way. At 3:30am we hear RUNNING upstairs (the guest bedroom and gameroom are above us). Matt goes to check it out, Katherine is up running around, grabbing toys from the gameroom into her room. Matt puts her back to bed, then gets down and realizes she had necklaces on (we don't let her sleep with anything around her neck). So I go up to take them off, she is VERY excited to see me until she realizes that I am NOT there to play, but to make her go back to bed!

Glad to announce today that Colin's fever is gone and he is eating and keeping it down, must have been a stomach bug! Matt's mom came over to watch him this morning. Katherine was very excited this morning about her Easter party at school, that's all I need is her hopped up on sugar!

Just another exciting day in the Eyring household!


Jenny Lincoln said...

oh my goodness... what craziness!! I'm glad little man is feeling better! :)

Jillian said...

Oh wow! What a day. That made me tired just thinking about it. Hopefully the sickness is gone and your lil girl gets back into a normal routine, not one that includes waking up in the wee hours of the morning to play! :)