Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter

The Eyrings had a very nice Easter this year (minus the stomach bug that came along that afternoon). This year I had a new respect for Easter and celebrating the sacrifice that Jesus made for us to live. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in dying eyes, the Easter Bunny, and hunting for eggs. But the last year has reaffirmed my faith and has let me see things in a more clearer light. Last Easter we spent the morning with Colin at TCH, his 1st heart surgery was the next day, then the afternoon with Katherine to hunt eggs, then back up to the hospital in the evening. It was great gift to all be together at home this year!
Saturday night we watched the 10 Commandments and dyed Easter Eggs. Katherine was really into The 10 Commandments, when Matt flipped on commercial to watch basketball, she actually got upset and told Matt "Daddy, turn it back, I was watching that!". She was asking lots of questions, who is that man, why are they in a dungeon, what is the mean lady doing.
We got up Easter morning and had breakfast with my parents. We had homemade waffles with all the fixings (strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, whip cream, powdered sugar). The kids got their Easter baskets and hunted for eggs, Matt being Colin's chauffeur.
That afternoon we went to Matt's aunt's house for lunch and more hunting eggs! Katherine was very good at finding them, she was so good, we had to do it twice, she did it so fast the first time. I then got the stomach flu for 4 days, but no need to go into that!
All in all it was a wonderful Easter and a great reason to celebrate the many many reasons why we are so blessed.

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