Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Katherine's Weekend

Saturday was a gorgeous day. Katherine, the socialite, had Jacob’s birthday party to go to. Katherine tells me she is going to marry Jacob, she even told Jacob’s mom that at the party! Katherine and Colin had lots of fun; Jacob has a brother 2 months younger than Colin.
Saturday evening Matt’s parents came over for dinner and water gun fights!

Sunday was yet again a beautiful day. We all got up and were getting ready for our family day at the Astro’s when the stomach bug knocked on our door. First I got sick, and then matt wasn’t feeling well. Katherine went ahead and went to the baseball game with my family and matt’s mom came and picked up Colin to give us a break and keep him away from our sickness. Katherine got to the ballpark and played, ate a pretzel, cotton candy, she had fun until the 8th inning when she got sick all over uncle Russell, then my mom on the ride home, then me when she got home! Poor kiddo! But she was better before the night was over and was playing nurse for me & Matt. Hopefully none of our family gets sick this time!
Monday afternoon we sanitized the house from top to bottom before Colin came home! I was very upset that we were not able to have our family outing to the baseball game. Colin will just have to wait a little while longer for his 1st Astro’s game.

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