Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

We had a great end to 2010. I was able to spend two whole weeks with the kids. We went to the zoo, Children's Museum, Chuck-E-Cheese, played at the park while it was still warm, and visited with family over the holidays.
2010 was an year full of fun filled days, several family trips, a lot less hospital time then 2009, the addition of our nephew, lots of laughter, and lots of other exciting times. To hit the highlights:
- Colin's first airplane ride to Phoenix in January, Katherine's 2nd airplane ride. We also went back to Phoenix in November to visit a very special lady.
- Colin started school in February after being confined to the house for the first 8 months
- Participated in our first It's My Heart heart walk-- which were are signed up again for Team Colin. I will do a post just for that.
- Katherine turned 4 and Colin turned 1.
- Matt and went back to Aggieland twice this year to visit friends and relive the "glory days".
- Took a family trip to New Braunfels and had such a great time we are already planning our trip for this year.
- Katherine started soccer and Matt and I were the team coaches.
- Colin got tubes in his ear and was circumcised in May
- Katherine learned how to write her name and can write words if looking at them
- My nephew Kannon was born 5 weeks early after a very long and hard pregnancy. But he is doing great now!
- Colin had some ER trip for croup but has been really healthy otherwise and had two great check-ups from his cardiologist. We went a whole year without heart surgery!
- Katherine has grown up so much this year. Her language, her knowledge, and her imagination have grown so much.
- Matt had back surgery
- Went to the beach several times.. Katherine is already asking to go back soon.
We hope 2011 to be an even better year! I have a few resolutions for myself to work on. First is to loose the Christmas deserts of my belly!

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Russell said...

What a great year!