Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Through the Eyes of a 4 Year Old

This has been a hard, stressful week so far. I thought everyone needed a little bit of brightness today. These are pictures that Katherine took on my phone this weekend on an outing we went on. She amazes me the beauty she can see in everyday objects, this was just a potted plant at an outdoor mall. I walked past and didn't notice it, but she got all excited and asked for my camera.

Kids have that ability to stop and smell the roses (or take the pictures) that us adults get so busy and forget all about. I love my daughter for showing me the beauty in life. I think she is going to a photographer, look at these, and she is only 4!


sunshine said...

What an eye she has for capturing detail...honestly, she is gifted! The pics really brightened my spirits today.

Lisha said...

can katherine come steal my camera for the afternoon? i LOVE her pictures!