Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A wet weekend & reminder on Team Colin!

Before I get to the weekend recap.. Reminder on Team Colin! We need more walkers! To encourage more walkers, It's My Heart is now not requiring people to pay to walk, they only have to pay if they want a t-shirt. Please come out and support Team Colin on February 19. We will have team shirts with this year's theme "Half a heart, twice the fight." Please go to this link to register to walk, http://imhwalkforchd.kintera.org/keepthebeat/teamcolin or to this one to donate http://imhwalkforchd.kintera.org/keepthebeat/colineyring. Team Colin is so far in 3rd place for fundraising and my company is going to match us up to our goal of $3,000! We would love to have a big team this year to show how much Colin has touched a lot of lives.

This weekend was cold & wet, so we had to find indoor ideas to keep the kids busy. Saturday we went to the Houston Boat Show. The kids had a blast getting on all the boats, pretending to drive them, fish off them, look for buried treasure. They also loved the cotton candy and pretzels we got. We climbed on so many boats.
Colin really loved the party/pontoon boats and Katherine liked the really big boats with the cabins inside. She liked that they were like little houses. It was funny when the sales people would come over to ask about what you are looking for in a boat.. I just wanted to say "It's cold outside and I only came here for my kids to play on your merchandise!" The kids went non-stop for 3 hours, I was so for sure they would take a nap.. But no chance. Saturday night was movie night… a house favorite..Princess and the Frog.
It rained Sunday from 5am until 7pm. Sunday morning I got up to meet my friends for breakfast and some girl time. Later that day we ran errands and took a drive in the rain, and stopped by Matt's parents house for a little while. That night Katherine cleaned the game room spotless, without being asked, so we made cookies. Colin sat by that oven just wanting for them to come out..what can I say.. He loves food. Now to find out where Katherine stashed all her toys :)Monday Matt had a holiday so I took a vacation day. We took the kids to school to have "Matt and Jennifer's Day O Fun". If you’re a Friends fan, you understand the reference. We went shopping, had a nice lunch, where I seemed to get a little drunk on accident. I only had 2 margaritas but I guess they were pretty strong, strong enough for me to giggle all the way home. Then crash for a long nap. But having the wonderful husband I have, while I was passed out, he made the homemade spaghetti sauce I was going to make (it has to simmer for 3 hours) and was on his way to pick up the kids. This is just one of the reasons why I love him so!

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I miss my grand babies soooooo much!