Thursday, April 7, 2011

Colin's Developmental Assessment

After Colin's first surgery, Texas Children's Center for Developmental Pediatrics asked us if we would mind participating in their study. They wanted to follow Colin throughout the first few years and track his development. Each time after he had a surgery, we had to fill out questionnaires about his development and the things he was doing. At his first birthday, we had a 200 question booklet to complete on all the things he was able to do.

This week, Colin had his 2 year old development assessment with the center. I am very proud to say that he is completely on track and even ahead in some areas. They had him complete tasks such as :
• puzzles (matching corresponding shapes)
• stacking blocks (asked him to stack 3 high, he was able to stack 6)
• looking at a picture book he had to point out or name objects
• problem solving - given a task, could he use reasoning to do it
• motor skills (jumping, running, kicking ball, going up stairs)
• Testing his speech

We will get the full report in the mail in a couple of weeks. They do not feel Colin needs any therapy and were happy with his progress. The night before Colin's assessment, we made a list of all the words Colin can say, he is able to say 70 different words! For his age, he should be able to say 50 -70 words… we are so proud of him. He is putting 3-4 word sentences together. Some of his most common ones are:
- Look mamma, a tree
- Mamma, I done (when he is done eating, ready to get out of his chair)
- Dadda, I bath, go bath (when I am in the bath and he wants to get in)
- Outside, go, shoes (as he hands you his shoes to go outside)

So two great appointments in a row.. Keep it up Colin!

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Rudy.Cassol said...

awesome news, God is good.