Monday, April 18, 2011

She got a goal & annual company picnic

Katherine scored a goal this weekend in soccer.. It was in her own goal.. But hey that counts! She was "embarrassed" when she realized she scored in the wrong goal.. Silly girl. Katherine still isn't completely focused in the games, but still seems to be having fun.

Saturday afternoon, we went to my annual company family picnic. The kids had a blast with the petting zoo, moonwalk, picnic games, and of course the sno-cones. Katherine was upset when we left because she had made a new best friend (she makes one wherever we go). That night they were nice and wore out that Matt & I were able to rent a movie and watch the entire thing.

Katherine's new "thing" this week is that she wants to open a restaurant… an AGGIE restaurant. According to our head chef Katherine, it will serve mac & cheese, spaghetti, chicken on the bone (drumsticks), cheeseburgers, pecan and pumpkin pies, and a few other items. But no pizza.. Why I am not sure :)

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