Monday, July 20, 2009

Week in Review

I found my toes!
I'm tired!

Kick, Kick, Kick

Look at me!

Your funny mommy.
Colin in his shades

Of course, then Katherine had to wear them.

Since I have been back at work, it is harder to update this, but I will get better at making the time.
Last week was a good week for us.
Friday - Colin went to his cardiac check-up. They are happy with his overall weight gain, though this past week he was fluctuating a lot, but we had a slight tummy bug in our house and I think he caught a little of it, thanks to big sis. He had an echo done, which he had to be sedated for and a chest x-ray. Everything looked good. He has an MRI on August 3rd, then his next surgery should be 4-5 weeks after that, so we are looking at last week of August or the beginning of September.
After his next surgery, home life will be easier. We won't have to weigh him everyday and we won't have to measure everything he eats, or wake him up at night for a bottle. He can go to daycare 6 weeks after his surgery. His doctor visits will get less and less.
He has gotten pretty good at holding his head up, he puts some weight on his legs, his is now LAUGHING (Matt is really good at making him laugh), rolling to both sides, picking up toys and putting them in his mouth, and has started being amazing by the t.v.

Saturday - We hung around the house and relaxed, waiting for it to rain, but it didn't. Jill stopped by for a little while, it was great to see her. Since Colin has been born, we really haven't been able to be too sociable. My parents bought a 5th wheel last week and moved it down the street from us this weekend. So Saturday we took the kids over there to visit and swim in the pool. Katherine is TOO brave in the pool. She THINKS she can swim. She will try to jump in when no one is looking. We have to keep an eye on her. Russell and Lara came too. We had a nice dinner and swim, then a huge rain storm came while we were in the 5th wheel. What a lightening storm, Katherine thought it was a real pretty firework display.
Sunday- Matt's parents came over to see the kids and bring me my birthday present!! After that we took Katherine swimming again. She had so much fun, she fell asleep at 7pm and didn't wake up until 6 am this morning. She usually doesn't go to bed until 9:00-9:15 and that is US making her got to sleep.

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