Friday, July 24, 2009

What a Pair

Of course I am trying to take a picture and Colin is more intersted in his feet.
Still not looking at me, cartoons are on

Always wants to be noticed!

What a sweet girl! And he STILL has those feet!

If real men can wear pink, I can sit in a purple Bumbo!

What a pair Colin and Katherine have become. The last few nights, Katherine's big entertainment is to put on her tutu and dance for Colin. He cracks up watching her and she gets a big kick being the star and center of attention for him. His face lights up when she walks into the room, except for when he is sleeping and she wakes him up, then he is not so happy with her.

Last night Katherine was crying about something, that made Colin get a sad face and cry too. She stopped, he stopped. Later that night, she started laughing and he laughed. He loves her with all of his heart. One day we will have to explain to both Katherine and Colin how special Colin's heart truly is.

Recently I have researched and found some other blogs of parents with children that have HLHS. It's been therapeutic to read other people's stories and their struggles and strides with it all. Some days it can be overwhelming and it's nice to know we are not alone. I have read some that are encouraging and they give me hope. I have read others that remind me how precious life is and how Colin is such a gift that must never be taken for granted.

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