Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July weekend and Colin turns 3 months

My last weekend before going back to work, so we tried to pack a lot in.

Thursday - I took Katherine to see "UP". She enjoyed the movie until one part where dogs were chasing a bird, she got really upset and wanted to leave, so we missed the ending. It's funny that she watched a 3-D IMAX movie on Dinosaurs and was fine, but had problems watching dogs chase a bird. When we got home, we put on our bathing suits, and went to the splash park and pool in the neighborhood. Russell and Lara came with us, so much easier with 3 adults than when I took her by myself the other week.

Friday- Colin turns 3 months old. Colin now weighs 10 lbs, 13 oz, which is about in the 10th percent for weight. Which isn't too bad considering he did not get to eat for the first 3 weeks of his life, being on a feeding tube, and going through major surgery. It will take him time to catch up, but as long as his doctors are happy, so are we! He is rolling over to one side, holds objects and puts them in his mouth, laughs, recognizes us, and for the most part, supports his head (though sometimes still a little wobbly.)

Friday evening, we took Katherine and Colin over to Matt's parents for his dad's birthday. We had a nice visit and some very good fajitas! Katherine had lots of fun playing with Uncle Brian and Aunt Robin. Colin had a great time being out of our house. Katherine slept on the way home, but Colin stayed awake and was telling us about his exciting trip.

Saturday - 4th of July!!!!! Katherine, Matt, and I had my family over for a fish fry, hurricanes, apple pie, and fireworks. Before everyone got here, we made the apple pie. Katherine likes to bake. She was telling Matt and I in the kitchen that we were doing a great job! we had tons of food, then my parents watched Colin while Matt and I took Katherine to see fireworks. She loved them and was sad when it was over.

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balletshoes14 said...

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!Katherine is growing so fast and Colin is adorable!He looks like is very healthy! Hope all are well! Miss ya!! Lets plan a day to get together!!!