Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A beautiful sound

Katherine LOVES to entertain Colin, it's like having a live-in clown. He thinks she is so funny. I walked in the living room last night and Colin was cracking up because Katherine was jumping on the couch. Instead of telling her not to jump on the couch, which I SHOULD have done, I got my phone out and recorded his beautiful laugh. He has been laughing for about 2 weeks now, mostly at Katherine and Matt. Now I have to work on Katherine NOT jumping on the couch.
If you listen carefully, she tells me only to film her.. what a camera hog she is. But rightfully so since she was the star attraction for so many years.

If you can not play the video below, please click here:

1 comment:

Lisha said...

oh my gosh - that is the most beautiful sound! I have a huge smile on my face!!