Thursday, September 17, 2009

Got to see Colin after surgery

After surgery, we all got to go up and see Colin. He was out on morphine and was resting. He looked a lot better this time, Dr. said that 1)the initial shock of all of it is better than the first time, you know what to expect 2) it's a less invasive surgery, less tubes and things going on with him 3) they are bigger and stronger for this one.
Colin will be knocked out all tonight, so we came home to get some rest. Tomorrow I am heading back up there in the morning, good thing we only live 15 minutes away. The "plan", and I say plan because it can always change. The plan is tomorrow the breathing tube will come out, they will give him a few hours to make sure he is breathing fine, then he can try to bottle feed. If he does well, we won't have to have a feeding tube. Then hopefully by Sunday we can be out of ICU in our own room, and maybe home by next Thursday. But we have heard the average stay for this is 7-10 days, so we will see. Just depends on how well he can recover and go back to eating like normal.
We had to wait to go in and see him because there was a medical emergency in the ICU, something every parent fears. Coming back from the information desk, we overheard one family member tell another that their little girl was not going to make and and the family was called in so say goodbye. It brought all of us to tears, so hard to imagine. We are so thankful for the blessings we have with Colin.
In sharing this story, I hope everyone reading hugs and kisses their children, nieces, nephews, grandchild extra tight tonight, for there are so many things out of our control and second chances are hard to come by.
Before Colin was born, I thought you plan to get pregnant, have a baby, the end of the happy fairy tale. Never does it include the things we have experienced. I am so grateful for every second I have with Colin, even if he is spitting up every thing all over me, or keeping me up all night, or fighting me on his medicines. I love him for his smiles, his laughs, his wide eyes to the world, his grunts, giggles, and growls. I love the energy he brings into Katherine's life, I love the smile she has when she comes home to see him, how tonight when I talked her her the first thing she said was "Is Colin alright, did the doctors make him better."
I pray for the family that is saying their goodbyes right now, how I wish in a million years it never has to happen to anyone else. I pray for all the kids in ICU, may they get better and stronger, and grow up and prosper.
I will be heading back up tomorrow. I will try to keep posting.

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Elaine said...

YOu bring tears to my eyes. When you get into the blogworld...which is the real world outside of your own life you see just how many sick children there are and how many don't have happen endings. I'm so thankful that Colin is doing well and you are in a good place with good doctors. Thanks for posting an update, it was nice to read. Love ya!