Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update from Hospital - Surgery going on

Waiting for surgery

Wouldn't sleep in his bed

Katherine kisses are the best

Day before surgery

Eating his IV bandage

Watching cartoons

Colin went into surgery this morning at 9:00am, they were running a little behind. Colin was doing pretty good, he was starting to get cranky because they would not let him eat since midnight.
We got to the hospital at 7:00am yesterday for all his lab work and pre-surgical test. He had a chest x-ray, EKG, blood work, consultations with the surgical & anaesthesiologist teams, wellness check to make sure he is fine for surgery, and an IV put in. He did well all day long, flirted with EVERYONE!!!
We got to our own room about 2:30pm, so we had the evening to relax.. somewhat. Matt's parents came by and spent some time with Colin while we got a bite to eat.
Then Russell brought Katherine to see him. Katherine (Russell) was very sweet and brought Colin a new toy, which Katherine TOLD Colin it was now his favorite toy.. what are big sisters for! We didn't get too much sleep last night.. Colin did not want to sleep in the hospital bed, ended up all three of us on the fold out bed.
We were up at 4 am this morning. It was an emotional morning. My parents came to see Colin before surgery.
Colin was suppose to go up for surgery at 6am, but they didn't come get us until 7:15, then we waited some more with him, finally it was time, about 9:00am.
It was so hard to hand him over, of course I broke down. I know he is receiving good care right now, but what can I say, he's my baby! No mother ever wants to have to hand over a child to have major surgery. But I know his life will be so much better after this.
They are going to update us every two hours, so one should be coming up soon.
I can't wait to see him this evening, though I know it is hard, and that image of him after surgery is the worst. But we will make it through this.


Lisha said...

praying praying praying (and crying at work because I know your pain right now!)

KRanney said...

Hang in there Eyring family. We are all praying for little Mr. C.