Saturday, September 19, 2009

ICU Day 1 & 2

Matt holding Colin on Saturday
Colin's "Great Job" & NEMO stickers on his bobo
Friday Sept. 18
I got to the hospital about 9:00 am, Matt's dad had been there most the night. The doctors were happy with Colin's progress. The only thing they noticed was that his platelet count was low from loss of blood and was causing more drainage out of his chest tubes, so they gave him some platelets. It worked and the drainage out of his tubes was minimal. They had a hard time keeping him knocked out, he kept wanting to wake up, and of course was very unhappy when he woke up. Once they got his dosing right, he slept much of the afternoon.
That night about 7:00 pm, his breathing tube was taken out, it was ready to go before then, but he was a little too knocked out and they wanted him to be a little awake for that. He had two chest x-rays, everything looked good both times.
11:30 pm 3 oz pedialite in 5 minutes wanting more
1:15 am 1 1\2 oz formula in 5 minutes
4:40 am 3 oz formula in 15 minutes
6:30 am 3 oz formula in 5 minutes

Saturday Sept. 19
Matt woke up this morning about 6:00am and headed up to the hospital. Matt's parents were there already, Matt's dad spent the night and Matt's mom got there about 5:00am.
I stayed home with Katherine and took her on some errands with me. I came up about noon (which Matt and I are still here and it's 9:00pm) Matt's dad is coming back tonight.
The doctors decided to leave the drainage tubes in as just a precaution, that should come out tomorrow. The arterial lines in his neck and wrist were removed and his bandage on his chest came out (now just the dressing).
He has been eating 2oz with rice cereal mixed in every 2-3 hrs (they backed the feeding down today, the night nurses were giving him more than what he was suppose to have.) He has been drinking the bottles in about 10 minutes.
MOST IMPORTANT ------ Matt and I have been able to HOLD him ALL day LONG! Colin is in a much better mood when we hold him.
Plan for tomorrow is to get the chest tubes out and maybe get out of ICU, but that depends on if there are any beds and if the doctors feel that Colin is ready.


Lisha said...

Praise the LORD!!

Elaine said...

So happy things are going well...much thanks for the update! So glad yall are able to hold that special little boy!