Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surgical Update #1

We just spoke with the surgical nurse, they are now starting the Bi-Directional Glenn. Though they took him back at 9:00am, it takes a long time to put a baby under and they put a scope down his throat to get a better look at his heart. The actual surgery should take about 2-3 hrs, the whole process is about 6 hours or so.
The great news is that Colin's valves will not have to worked on this time!! He still has a slight leak, which sometimes is improved after the surgery. But they felt it wasn't enough to have to operate on, which is great news, since to do it they would have had to stop his heart. We are very excited that they will not have to address that.
We will have another update in about 2 hrs.
Will keep everyone posted.

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