Sunday, September 20, 2009

ICU Day 3

I had to throw a picture of Katherine in here.. she got a new toy for being so good!
Hopefully we should get to our own room by Monday afternoon. They were going to send Colin today, but he was still pretty cranky, so they want to get his pain management under control. It is very typical to be very cranky after the Glenn, the body has to get used to the new blood flow, so the babies get very bad headaches. Plus he is only getting to eat about half of what he is used to so he is very hungry. But the plus side is he is eating just fine from the bottle so NO FEEDING TUBE this time!!!!!
In the morning they should remove his drainage tubes then by afternoon we should move to our own room and out of ICU, but things can ALWAYS change.
Today Colin started being more like himself. Today is the first day since his surgery that he was smiling, laughing, and playing a little bit. It was so great to start seeing our baby come back around. I missed him so much. We have pretty much been holding him the whole time since he is more comfortable in our arms than in the bed, but he did lay in bed and watch football for a little while! My mom is staying with him this evening and my dad is spending the night with him.

Our friend Elle was suppose to have her second heart surgery Monday, but she got bumped for a little baby that was in need, so her surgery is now on Thursday. Please pray for Elle and this other heart baby. Both Colin and Elle got bumped for babies who needed the surgery more, I am very happy that Elle and Colin are doing so well. Our families are very lucky! Somtimes we forget how blessed we are in life until we see others that are struggling.

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