Friday, September 25, 2009

We are HOME! Released on Thursday Sept. 24!

Katherine hitting the balloon, making Colin laugh

Colin in ICU waiting of our room on 15

We we discharged from the hospital yesterday about 5:00pm, well they told us about 11:30am, then time SLOWLY dragged until they had all the paperwork ready. I wanted to post more while we were in the hospital, but time just flew by really. SO here are the highlights:

Monday Sept. 21 - Released from ICU and into our own room about 4:00pm. Matt and I got up to the hospital about 6:30am that day, my dad had stayed the night with Colin. Colin was his happy go lucky self, we were just waiting on a room to open up on the 15th floor. Matt and I went home about 7:00pm to see Katherine for awhile. Matt's mom and dad stayed with Colin. We got a call at 1:30am, Colin was being difficult and not eating for Bill. The only way to get out of the hospital, is to eat well and gain weight, so I got up there about 2:30am on Tuesday morning and never left to go home after that.

Tuesday Sept. 22- Colin had a chest x-ray and echo - everything looked great. Was having a hard time eating, mainly his reflux had flared up and they forgot to give him his second does in the evening the last few nights! So that was a BIG problem!!!! My dad stayed the night with me, so I can rest in between feedings.

Wednesday Sept. 23 - Eating picked up. Occupational therapist came to work with us on his reflux issues. She had some great advice. Colin will be able to start baby foods now! I think he will really like that! My friend Jess came to the hospital and have lunch with me and play with Colin, it was great to see her! We had friends check into the hospital for their baby's second heart surgery, so we went and visited them for a little while, it was a reunion.

Thursday Sept. 24 - Russell's birthday! And what a great present... when the dr's did their rounds, they said Colin's heart looks really good and that they were impressed with his recovery. His oxidation rates before the surgery were about 78-80 and afterwards has been about 83-87. His eating picked up a lot, so the dr. asked, when we wanted to go home, and I of course said "Today" and he told me to pack our bags. I have to admit I started crying!

When we walked through the door, Katherine AND Colin both squealed when they saw each other. Colin's eyes really lit up when Katherine was with him. She was dancing around and he was cracking up, they say laughter is the best medicine and I couldn't agree more. I was so great to see them BOTH so happy.

So we were in the hospital a total of 8 days, it went by both very fast and VERY long. The emotional stress of another heart surgery is hard, but we are so thankful that Colin did so well and was able to come home so quickly this time.. and NO FEEDING TUBE at all!!!

Colin is now where he belongs, at home with Matt and me, and his loving big sis! Thanks everyone for all the prayers, it really helped Colin with his recovery!


Brenda said...

Great News!!! Know all is happy to be home.

Elaine said...

Just cried reading your post. I'm so thankful Colin is doing great. I just want to give you all big hugs. You and Matt are both such sweethearts and your children are precious. I'm so glad everything is working out well. You seem to be so strong and positive. I'm sure you have your scared moments, but just know that I think about yall often and keep you in my prayers for sure.

Twingirls said...

What wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!