Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ICU Update #1

Colin got settled into ICU today around 2pm today, we got to come up and see him around 4pm.  It was of course hard to see him but he looked so much better than his other surgeries and right off the back you can tell how PINK he is. For those that spend time with Colin or any pre-fontan kid, they are blue around the eyes, toes, and fingers. Colin in the last very few months has been turning more blue. Today, for the first time in 4 years, we have a child with PINK toes :)

Colin has been really wanting something to drink.. BADLY. He is on fluid restriction and that has caused some of his anger. It is so hard to see a kid BEG for water and you have to tell them no. After 2 hrs, he was able to suck water off a sponge, Poor Kid. They are now going to let him drink a little bit more.

They are going to start weaning him off the drug that is making him sleepy, so he can start to come out of this some. They have removed his arterial line in his groin. His fluid output in his chest tubes are looking good.

Plan for tomorrow is to hopefully get the arterial line out of his neck, get him to sit up, have him drinking and maybe try some food. We are looking at maybe getting into our own room by tomorrow night OR sometime Thursday.

Colin has been sleeping on and off. When he is not sleeping he is asking for apple juice, Capri Sun, AND water, and is not too happy with the answers given. He was first really angry by only getting to suck water off a sponge, but since that is his only choice, he has grown to love it and ask for it.

Matt and I did not get a room at the Ronald McDonald house, they were full. So we are trading off between sitting with Colin and sleeping in a chair on the cardiac waiting area. Can not wait to have our own room with a fold out bed.


Kathy K said...

such great news, congrats on being post Fontan. Praying for a sommoth recovery.

Emily said...

I forgot about the fluid restriction. TERRIBLE! He looks wonderful though! xoxo Emily

Melissa Cross said...

Maybe ask if you can progress from a wet sponge, to ice chips. Also, chapstick or vasaline on the lips helps with dehydration. They also have a green sponge on a stick to keep the mouth moist they might let you use. He looks so tiny.... praying for you. also check hands and feet for signs of dehydration. They should have vasoline on a gauze for bandages that they might let you apply to his hands and feet. prayers being sent.thinking of you all.

Stephanie said...

Congrats on post-Fontan! He looks great. Lots of prayers still coming for the whole family. Each day is one step closer to going home!