Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Radio Star Katherine and Race Car Driver Colin - Step Down Update # 8

I have been updating my Facebook page but have slacked on the blog. Colin update: Still draining, that is ALL we are waiting on to go home. Once his chest tube drainage slows to about 30-50 cc's for a 24 hr period, then we can pull them and go home in about a day. We ARE slowing down but in a 12 hr period today he drained 60 cc's. So the last guess on when we are going home that I heard is Saturday, but I am not too confident on that. 

We are very very blessed that Colin is doing so well, that besides drainage (which is expected and Colin is just taking longer but is no concern) that his surgery has been a success, that he is eating BETTER than before the surgery, that he is getting up and playing everyday. There are many kids in this hospital that are not as fortunate. 

But it is hard to be living here, we were only expecting to spend about a week and half in the hospital and it might end up being 3 weeks. It is taxing on all of us and we ARE ALL ready to get back to our normal lives. Today Colin said in the sweetest voice "Mom, I can't wait to get out of here and go home, once the doctors take these things out of me". 

Matt and I spent last night with Katherine and took her to the neighborhood pool, out to dinner, played in the backyard, Skyped with a friend, and watched Teen Beach movie for the 10th time. It is important for us to spend time with Katherine too as this has been hard on her as well. 

BUT as long as we are living here, we are making the best of it. Today we racing around the unit with our remote control car and Katherine came up for Radio Lollipop. It is a program they have 3 nights a week, where you can talk on the hospital radio station and they open up the teen room for all kids to play. Katherine had a blast talking on the radio (Colin was not interested) and Colin had so much fun playing the arcade games (even some good old Pac-Man and Donkey Kong). They really do try to make the hospital experience as fun as possible. 

Katherine found her calling
Colin watching and listening to sissy on the radio, he did not want to talk
Her radio name was "Kit Kat"
Colin the race car driver
Daddy teaching Colin some old school games
Might need to grow a little for this one

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