Sunday, July 28, 2013

Still waiting ... Step Down Update # 7

Yes, we are still in the hospital waiting on the fluid to stop draining. They decided today to get more aggressive with the amount of diuretics Colin is taking to hopefully dry him up sooner. He is now taking 3 different ones, we are hoping to see fast results from this. Good news is that they are happy with his sodium levels so we stopped the sodium "saltwater" solution. Colin was really excited about that since he hated it and cried when he would see it!! 

We are very blessed that all of Colin's tests have come back with great news and that his surgery has been a success so far. Just wish we were feeling blessed at home as we are coming up on 2 weeks of living in a hospital. I think we are ALL getting a little stir crazy.

THANK GOD for our wonderful visitors that have helped keeping Colin entertained! Thanks to both set of Grandparents who have watched Colin while Matt and I went and spent sometime with Katherine away from the hospital. Thank you for all our family who have taken turns watching Katherine and busing her up to the hospital, she IS Colin's BEST medicine, he has his best days while she is here. Thank you to my brother & sister in law for bringing our nephew up here to play and distract Colin. Thank you to our friend Erika for bringing her son Zach (who is in Colin's class) up here to bring presents and play for awhile. Thank you to a fellow heart mom, Holly, who brought Colin a present yesterday, he loves it! Please keep her daughter in your prayers as she is having her Fontan in 2 weeks.

Last night Matt and I took Katherine out to dinner, to one of her favorite stores (Barnes & Noble), and rented a movie. When we left dinner, we got caught in a huge rainstorm and got drenched. The kind of drenched that you couldn't just help cracking up because you are getting so wet. We all were laughing on the way to the car. As corny as it sounds, it was like a message from God telling us it's okay to laugh and have fun now, we are hopefully now on the downside of all this stress and hard times.
Colin and his friend Zach having car races around the unit
Matt and Katherine sharing dessert last night
Katherine and Colin having a "picnic" in his bed
Having a lazy Sunday in the hospital, if Colin cant come home, home will come to Colin
Katherine and Colin playing "doctor", Colin is an expert at that!

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