Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ICU Update # 2

To start off with some exciting news.. Colin got to sit up in my lap and snuggle for 2 hrs tonight! Whoo-Hoo! I have missed snuggling up with him! 

We are making progress in getting Colin ready to move out of ICU and into a regular room. Progress is slow moving in ICU, so the key is to be understanding of that. Colin's echo (heart sonogram) looked great this afternoon. He got the arterial line out of his wrist and they will be taking the one of his neck and midnight tonight. That will just leave him with the IV (which stays in until discharge) and 3 chest tubes (2 of them stay for awhile, 1 should be removed tomorrow.) They are happy with the drainage output so far from his chest tubes, complications with this surgery is building up too much fluid in his chest. His catheter came out as well.  So we are moving in the direction, having less stuff on him is the way to get moved out of ICU and on the pathway to home.
Colin watching TV with his F.R.O.G (Fully Rely on God)
Colin's fluid restrictions were lifted, which made him very happy camper. He is able to eat food if he chooses, but has shown no interest as of yet, which the doctors are not pushing him to eat today, so that was okay. BUT he is in love with drinking water and apple juice! We have spent the day trying to manage some pain, this evening he has been in a good place with his pain management. I have to be honest though, it was so so hard to watch him struggle with his pain today. He is not a baby this time, the experience is much more real with a child that can vocalize pain and fear. He has begged to go home, which made me tear up, I know he wants to go home, I know this is all too scary for him, but we just try to ease him fears that we will go home soon.

Colin did get to call Katherine today and he was very excited to speak with her. He just told her Hi and that he missed her and he loves her. It was very sweet. Then I talked to Katherine and she asked what was wrong with Colin's voice, I told her about the tube in his throat but he is getting better and she will be able to see him this weekend. I know this is equally hard on her as the rest of us, so while praying for Colin, please also pray for Katherine to be able to cope with all this "adult stuff" a child should never have to worry about.
Hugs the night before survey, they love each other so much!
Good luck kisses


Mandi said...

God bless your family you guys! Thinking of Colin and saying all kinds of prayers!

Melissa Cross said...

Great progress!