Friday, July 19, 2013

Step Down (15th Floor) Update # 1

Great news.. Colin moved from ICU to what is called Step Down on the 15th floor. It is one step closer to going home! We have our own room where Matt and I can sleep with him. Colin said he likes our new room better! I agree! 

Colin's chest x-ray showed improvement this morning so they pulled one of the 3 chest tubes and his pacing wires. He is on a very minimal amount of oxygen still but has since stopped all his medicines expect his normal dose of aspirin and he can have chewable Motrin if needed for pain. Pretty stinking great for just 3 days of out major open heart surgery where they actually stopped his heart from beating!
The last time he had pain medicine was 11 hrs ago when they pulled his chest tubes. 

Colin got up and walked twice today and did an excellent job. He was walking with just a little support from us holding his hand. He didn't even cry or have to take any breaks. He sat up in a chair for 4 hrs today. The walking and sitting up will help with him draining the fluid off, which get us home faster. Goal for tomorrow is to keep walking more and more and getting out of the bed most of the day.

BIG DAY TOMORROW - Katherine is coming to visit! We all have missed her so so much! Colin said he wants her to come visit him!

Colin ate well today (for being 3 days post op) - he had a few bites of bacon, a few bites of watermelon, a few bites of jello, half a Chick fill A nugget, and 6 ozs of instant carnation breakfast. Not tons but yesterday he only had applesauce, so improvement here.

Colin was a little bit more himself today, we even had a few smiles. He did play a little with toys, Ipad, blew bubbles, and talked more today. It's great to start seeing more and more glimpses of my sweet boy.
Colin chilling in his new room
Colin is making himself at home - sleeping sideways
Look at all the toys Colin's BFF Liam sent him
Blowing bubbles to exercise his lungs


Jan Greenlee Hayes B.S., M.Ed. said...

I love seeing those eyes so bright again!! What incredible progress!! We will keep the prayers coming!

Melissa Cross said...

How great!