Saturday, July 20, 2013

Step Down (15th Floor) Update # 2

Today was full of good news and progress, just the things we like around here! Colin was taken off of oxygen.. yeah, so more tubes in his nose.. he really like that. Colin finally pooped last night and lots today, that is always something they need them to do after surgery. Colin's eating was better today.. he ate almost his normal breakfast and he requested Freebirds for lunch and ate a good amount of rice and beans. We have been supplementing with instant carnation as well to get calories back up. DInner was a challenge but we will take it since he had progress on the other two meals. 

Colin walked 4 times today and did a great job each time. Walking at a normal pace, still complaining while doing it but he is walking well. Colin has been sitting up in a chair half the day. He still has a good amount of fluid draining from one tube, very little from the other tube, so we will need to have them in about 2 more days. But the walking and sitting up are helping draining and getting that out.

BUT THE BEST NEWS>>> Colin had a great visit today with KATHERINE! They came up right as we were trying to get him to eat, so he wasn't in the best of moods. Katherine cried at first because Colin did not seem excited to see her But after about 20 minutes, he was playing and talking with her. She made him smile, which I haven't seen much of. I think it was great therapy to have them together. And it was great for Matt and I to get to see her and spend sometime with her. Katherine and I went to the playroom and made bracelets for her and Colin and Matt and I took Katherine around the hospital and to the gift shop :) 

When it was time for Katherine to go (she is coming back tomorrow), Colin was wanting her to stay or at least come back RIGHT when the sun got up. He loves his big sister so much! And she loves him even more!

Sticking his tongue out at sissy
He has missed bugging her
Katherine drawing with our window crayons, will need to get these for the house.
Katherine made these for Colin and her in the hospital playroom

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