Thursday, July 18, 2013

ICU Update # 3

Once again, let's start with the positive of the day.. Colin got up and walked twice around ICU today! He was not happy with it at all and cried while doing it but the Physical Therapist was very happy with the strength he was showing even if he was very ticked off about having to do it. After walking he sat up in a chair for awhile, even took a nap sitting up. And we got to cuddle again while he sat in my lap tonight.

ICU is a slow moving process.. but Colin is progressing well, just a little slower than hoped, but he sets his own pace and we have to remember that. This morning at rounds they noticed on his morning chest x-ray that he had some extra fluid build up around his lungs. So we are staying in ICU at least one more day to work on that. To help get some of the fluid off, he needed to walk and sit up more, which he has been doing. The chest tube that they were going to pull, they have left in to help drain off some of the extra fluid. They have also started him on Lasix to help pull the fluid off his lungs. He still have the nasal O2 on (turned really low) until they see the fluid lower.

Colin's EKG looked good today, so we are happy about that. Colin has been drinking plenty of water, which is great. He even ate 10 bites of applesauce today! That is the first he has had to eat since surgery. The doctor on the floor was happy with that progress. We have tried to let him eat anything he wants, but he is not showing an interest in food. I think this will be a hard thing for Colin, since he is not a big eater anyways.

Colin's mood has been a little off today. I think he is still tired from surgery and the walking. He has slept a lot today, in some way I think he is trying to avoid all that is going on and thinks sleeping is a way out. He has not been too happy today. We tried with his prize box, presents from friends, games on the Ipad, his favorite movies, but he is NOT having any of it today. He has closed himself off today from us, I hope this changes tomorrow, I miss my little goofy, high spirited little man. I spoke with child life specialist today to see if she had any ideas on how to help him snap out of it, but she said we are doing the right things, it might just take time for him to come around.

But tomorrow is a new day and we are going to walk, get the fluid off our lungs, hopefully get a chest tube out and MAYBE just MAYBE move to our own room so mommy and daddy can sleep in the room with me instead of in a chair in the waiting room. Still have not got a room at the Ronald McDonald house here in the hospital.


Melissa said...

Heck. Sorry you had a bad day. It's no fun to get out if bed so soon. Tomorrow is another day. Hugs, M

Fred Hill said...

Just keep your own spirits high, even in the midst of all the challenges...

So...does a 4 year old in ICU = a 2 year old after learning the word "no" ?

None of us envy that TODAY your real work is at hand, recuperation...oh yeah, and possibly more temper-tantrums.